05/02/2011, Saturday….. Last Day, Zai Jian Zhong Guo!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

05/02/2011, Saturday….. Last Day, Zai Jian Zhong Guo!

This is our last day in Tianjin & also in China for this time. As usual on that morning, we had pack our backbags & luggages to get ready to check – out from Jin Ma Hotel. We put our luggaes into the bus trunk. Before me move on, we took breakfast first at that hotel restaurant.

Finished our breakfast & check - out, we move on to Tianjin Cultural Street. Here, mostly sell China culture stuffs like China opera mask, Chinese caligraph, ‘Wong Fei Hung hat’ & many more which related to China cultural.

After we finished walked & shopping here at Tianjin Cultural Street area, we move on to the next muslim halal restaurant for lunch & later on did solat Zohor at the room that provided by that restaurant. Finished our lunch & did solat Zohor, we stop by at Tianjin Food Street which located beside the restaurant. We don’t buy anything there because mostly foods which sell there were not halal.

It time for us to move on to the Tianjin–Binhai Internatinal Airport (TBIA). When we reached there & had took pictures with Maggie Ma & our bus driver, it time for us to said “Xie xie he zai jian Zhong Guo ! Wo men gai xing ren shi ni men !” which mean “Thank you & farewell China ! We glad to meet you !”. We went back to Malaysia via Air Asia.

After 6 hours journey in the airplane, we finally reached our homeland. We landed at LCCT KLIA Terminal, Sepang at night. After went through all standard procedure of security & passport checking, we took our luggages & went through the scanner at the airport. While waiting for our bus arrive to send us home at Johor Bahru, we decided to eat at McD. Other families in our group also eat at McD. They might miss McD very much but can’t eat it at China because McD in China not halal.

Finished ate at McD LCCT KLIA, in several minutes, our bus arrived. We put in all our luggages into the bus trunk & after that we ready to move on to Johor Bahru. During our journey to Johor Bahru, me, my family & several friends/relatives took this great advantage to sleep. Good Night! B-).

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