29/01/2011, Saturday….. Preparation To China…..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

29/01/2011, Saturday….. Preparation To China…..

That morning, I woke up early (Ussually, after solat subuh, I continue my sleep & wake up a little bit late to go to work). That Saturday morning, I’m not working. I don’t know why, I’m not feeling so sleepy after solat subuh, I only sleep for half an hour after solat subuh (Ussually an hour).

I’m check my passport & visa. That morning, I’m keep ‘Google-ing’ about Beijing & Tianjin, People Republic of China. In my ‘Google’ search, I found out, the weather of Beijing & Tianjin that time very cold with temperature below 10 degree celcius & sometime the temperature could reach below 0 degree celcius.

While I’m keep searching more information about Beijing & Tianjin, my uncle call me through cellphone & ask me to go to printing shop to design & print “China Fieldtrip” banner.

Without wasting time, I took my car key & went to my uncle house & had discussion with him about that banner graphic design. After decision had been made, I bring that design draft to graphic printing shop for final design & print the banner. I left for a moment & told to that shopwoker that I will come back in afternoon. They said OK ! & I went home.

When I’m home, I continue my searching about Beijing & Tianjin, China at Google. After that, I check my snow cap, jacket, jeans & other cloth which suitable with weather condition at China which I had mentioned earlier are very cold.

After finish checking all my clothes, I’m checked the notes of Renminbi Yuan (People Republic of China currency) which had been changed from Malaysian Ringgit. I’m keep starring at the picture of Mao Zedong at that Yuan note, not because of I want to know the note is counterfeit or not but want to know who is more ‘macho’ > me or him (Mao Zedong)?

For your information, Mao Zedong was the 1st China president after Qing dynasty empire imperial collapse. He the one who change China political system from monarchy system which been rule by an emperor to the republic nation base on communism system.

After starring the notes of Yuan several times, I went back to graphic printing shop to take the banner. After paymemt had been made, I’m leaved & went to Plaza Angsana & Giant Hypermart, Tampoi. I went there to take a walk for a while & went home late evening to do final checklist before we went out from home tonight. After finish my final checklist, All my stuffs which I want to bring to China, I put it into my packbag. My whole family had finished pack their stuffs into packbags & luggages. We’re getting too excited. B-) .

When Maghrib arrived, it starting to rain. I’m look from positive perspective & saying from bottom of my heart “Maybe this bless rain will bless our journey to China. B-)” . At 11.00 pm, we gather at my uncle office because the bus which will take us from Johor Bahru to LCCT KLIA Terminal will stop there (my uncle office). Beside my family, there also other families & my uncle’s workers gather there waiting for the bus to arrive at 12.00 am - Sunday, 30/01/2011 .

Maybe someone of you ask “Why don’t we take direct flight from Sultan Ismail International Airport, Senai (LTASIS)?” My answer – this is because LTASIS international direct flight are only limited around South East Asia nations only (exluding Republic of Singapore & Republic of Timor Leste). Because of we want to save cost, we decided to rent a bus which will bring us from Johor Bahru to LCCT KLIA Terminal, Sepang. How about Changi? We didn’t take flight from there because there are several families who are follow our China fieldtrip are already waiting for us at Kuala Lumpur.

While waiting for bus arrival, we had chat among us to avoid bored. Since it still raining, there are several among us take this great opportuninty to sleep for a while. B-) .

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