Yoshito Usui Death.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Crayon Shin Chan creator, Yoshito Usui had pass away on September 11, 2009. Born on 21 April 1958 in the prefecture of Shizouka, Japan, Yoshito Usui who had lived for 51 years is reported death resulting from severe injuries suffered when he fell at Mount Arufune canyon located in the district of Gunma, Japan.

Yoshito Usui's death may not glamourous as the death of King of Pop, Michael Jackson, but for rabid fans of Crayon Shin Chan, Yoshito Usui death still be felt in their hearts because of course, they will be wondering what fate had befallen the manga and anime of Crayon Shin Chan? Yoshito Usui successor possible to be sought to continue the work of Crayon Shin Chan, but whether the ingredient to the success of Crayon Shin Chan phenomenon among his fans can be maintained or enhanced? Together we wait and see.

Shin Chan is probably crying because the original author was leave us forever. Strength your heart, Shin Chan. Be patient Shin Chan. Continue to make people smile even arm you often are in grief. B-)

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