Let eat Papadom and watch Papadom (Malaysian Movie)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last weekend, I brought my 3 siblings to watch movie at BigCinemas BP Mall (Batu Pahat, Johor Darul Takzim, MALAYSIA). We watch the latest film of number one present comedy director/comedian in Malaysia, Afdlin Shauki which the movie titled is "Papadom".

Papadom is a movie about Saadom, a Kandar Rice businessman in Penang who work hard to develop his business successfully. However, in his busy to pursue success, he often neglected time with his family especially his single daughter, Miasara or her short name is Mia.

One day, his wife and his daughter was involved in an accident. His daughter safe but his wife died. Since the incident, he began to take care and spend more time with Miasara. I really mean too 'much' time with Miasara. Why not. Perhaps, if possible, Saadom want to be with his daughter, Mia 24 / 7. This makes Mia feel uncomfortable with his father action when Mia grew up into a teenage age.

After the SPM results out, Mia has plans to extend the study to UiTM Shah Alam but been disputed by his father because Saadom think Penang has many institutions of higher education that can be selected for further studies. However, when he been urged by Mia, Saadom finally agreed with his daughter choice. However, will Saadom let Mia study there without his supervision? To all Malaysian, watch this film to know the story further.

What can I say about this film at the moment, Afdlin Shauki simply does not disappoint his fans in Malaysia. This timely film is getting the best film award at the Malaysia Film Festival that took place several months ago. Genius comedy that is not make it fool to the audience with the message that accompanied the moral of the story and useful advice to all of us should not be seen with one eye. Moral of the story in this film that I catch it is we should never ignore the family although you’re really busy \working for the future of your family and don’t dominate them.

Regardless, I wish to congratulate Afdlin Shauki for his successfully producing the good quality movie for Malaysians. I gave 4.5 stars for this movie. Bro Afdlin Shauki, continue your business while educating and entertaint people of Malaysia through the movie and media. Best wishes always! Chaiyokkkk!!!! B-)
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