03/02/2011, Thursday….. Day 5 Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

03/02/2011, Thursday….. Day 5 Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Day 5 in Beijing. We had been informed by Maggie Ma that our first destination, we will be visiting Bird Nest Stadium & Water Cube Stadium. This stadium is unique because of it architechture design which show their China culture identity itself. Maybe after this, if Malaysia want to be host of international sport event, Malaysia government need to build stadium which inspired by ‘tengkolok’ or ‘songkok’ perhaps, B-). We didn’t get the chance to enter the stadium because there are currently no event there on that time. Outside of the stadium, there were a huge jade been put in to make the landscape more pretty. From here, we can saw IBM China building which is unique. B-).

Because of that time were winter season, the river nearby stadium also freezen. We take this advantage to snap several pictures on icy river. However, Maggie Ma forbid us to go to the center of the freezen river because worried that ice will crack & we fall into the cold river since that time were the ending for winter season.

The next destination, we went to Chinese Herbal Center for free foot massage (I LIKE ! B-D). Beside of free foot massage, we also receive special offer with herb products which are good for our health. B-).

After finished free foot massage & bought several herb products, we move on to the next muslim halal restaurant for lunch & later on move to the mosque for solat Zohor. For this mosque, I can’t mention the mosque name because I forgot it (It OK to forgot mosque name as long not forget to solat. B-P).

Finished solat Zohor, we continue our journey to Summer Palace. Summer Palace are the rest place for China emperor in the era of Qing dynasty during summer season. This place surrounded by widen lake, suitable for pedaling boat with your love one, pheeewitttt ! B-P.

Because the lake had froozen, no boat on the lake but only people on the lake. Eventough there are signboard that prohibit people to walk or standing on the icy lake in Mandarin Language & English Language but there are still many people stand & walk on the icy lake including us.

As ussual, Maggie Ma prohibit us being so far from land because worried about our safety. At first, Maggie Ma prohibits us from being on the icy lake at all since there were many case of people fall into the icy lake & drowned eventough the warning had been given but after we coaxed & agitated her several time, Maggie Ma finally agreed to give permission to us with conditions not far from land & not jumping on the icy lake because that time were the end of winter season & that ice is on melting process.

According to Maggie Ma, the government put the signboard for public safety but if there are still ignore it & fall into the lake cause of the ice crack & crash, Maggie Ma said the government & authority will not take any responsibility because the warning had been given. In simple word “I had already inform you but you stubborn by ignore my warning. After this, if something happened to you, don’t blame me or even looking for me !” < That the simple words. B-). However, thank goodness because there nothing bad happened to us during our stand & walked on the frozen lake.

After finished walked in Summer Palace area, we’re ready to move on to Beijing Dr Tea House to buy China green tea. Here, we get free sampling & free drink of China green tea. It tasteless & a little bit brackish but it still OK! With me. B-) .

After finished drink & bought China green tea, we move on to the next muslim halal restaurant for dinner & later on went back to the hotel. When we reached to the hotel, we continued playing fireworks & at the same time watching other colourful fireworks on the sky of Beijing from the hotel outside area. After that, we went up to our to prepare for sleep. Wan an! (Good night!). B-).

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