01/02/2011, Tuesday….. 3rd day Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

01/02/2011, Tuesday….. 3rd day Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Day 3 in Beijing. Our first destination on day 3 was Beijing Crystal Shop. Here you can get stuffs which made by crystal like spectacles, rings & etc . Finished shopping at Beijing Crystal Shop, we continued our journey to Great Wall of China. During our journey to Great Wall of China, Maggia Ma give us a short brief about history of Great Wall of China. Maggie Ma also informed us that Mao Zedong once said “You’re not a warrior if you not step your foot to Great Wall of China !” make me think, what make it so special with this Great Wall of China.

When we reached at Great Wall of China, all of us look so excited. Maybe all of them want to get the title of “Warrior!”. The weather temperature getting more cold compare than Beijing city center. This might be cause of Great Wall of China are located at the mountains which make this area even more colder than Beijing urbans area. I’m ask Maggie Ma, can this time I bring the banner for photo session since I see the environment there are no army even police patrol in that area & finally Maggie Ma give the permission to carry that banner.

Before we start climbing the Great Wall of China, we taking picture together with the banner & background environment of Great Wall of China. Finished took picture, we start climb few miles of Great Wall of China. That time I started to understand why Mao Zedong said “You’re not warrior if not step your foot at Great Wall of China” because of steeps gradient steps & the construction is not accordance to appropriate engineering spefication standards because the step not flat, height of each step are different & sloping which make our climbing really challenging because a single mistake can cause us to fall down. B-).

After we finished our climbing as far as we can, we step down from Great Wall of China to the bus. Eventough our climbed are really challenging but we happy & what more now we’re now officially a “Warrior !” accordance of China people standard, B-) . If every visitors who visit Great Wall of China will get their ‘Warrior !’ certificate, I will definitely frame & hang that certificate at the wall of my family living room, hahaha….. X-D.

After all of us in the bus, we’re ready to move on to the next muslim halal restaurant for lunch (so exchausted WOOO ! climbed this great wall. Look so easy but try climb for yourself at Great Wall of China then you will feel how difficult & joy it was to climb this great wall.). During our journey to the next muslim halal restaurant, Maggie Ma told us this muslim halal restaurant are famous in Beijing because of tasty foods. What make it more interesting, this restaurant located at 1st floor of Beijing Ceramic Center. Here, you can see yourself beautiful China ceramic & vase.

When we reached there for lunch, we took this advantage to see by ourself the beautiful of China ceramic & vase. However, we aren’t buy it because the price is too extreme expensive & don’t be surprise if you see a few or several China ceramics & vases with price tag shown the price of more than hundred thousand Yuan (even if you convert to strong currency like USD, GBP, EUR & JPY, it still more than hundred thousand.). B-) . Here, you don’t need to waste your time for bargain because ceramics & vases which available here are definitely sell to the super luxurious person. The seller won’t entertaint you if you try to bargain & yet they ignore you. Here, you don’t need to worried to walk alone/separate because no sellers will surround you and force you to buy their ceramic & vase except if you crash their ceramic or vase because of your careless, you will be force to pay for the damage that you make.

We’re moving to the restaurant which located upstair in this building for lunch. After that, we did solat Zohor. What so good with this muslim halal restaurant is there is a room which provided for muslim to do solat beside the restaurant. So after lunch, we took a wudhuk & did solat.

After finished our lunch & did solat Zohor, our next destination was Rose Valley Snow World for skiing. When we reached there, I only sit in the bus & sleep. I’ve no mood for skiing (Eleh, just said it that you didn’t know how to skiing, Mr Faizi, B-P) .

After they enjoyed skiing for several hours, we ready to move on to the next shopping destination, Beijing Burning Cream Center. We had been given short brief & demo before we start our shopping activity here.

The next destination, we move on to the next muslim halal restaurant for dinner. Finished our dinner, we went in to the bust to went back to the hotel & prepare ourself to sleep. Wan an! (Good night !). B-) .

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