02/02/2011, Wednesday….. Day 4 Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

02/02/2011, Wednesday….. Day 4 Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Day 4 in Beijing. Our first destination on that day was Yashow Clothing Market. During our journey, we saw many shops were closed in the capital Beijing. This is because many people were already went back to their hometowns/village. Like Kuala Lumpur, mostly people who are living in the Beijing were not actually real Beijingers but they came from whole China to work here. Today was the first day of Chinese New Year celebration in the whole world.

We finally reached there. Yashow Clothing Market is a mall which focusing on textile industry. If in Malaysia, this kind of place are parable of Jakel, B-) . Here, don’t be surprise to see shops name in Malay Language like “Kedai Cadar/Langsir” which mean in English Language > “Cushion/Curtain shop” & even the shop worker also can speak in Malay Language influently (feel like still in Malaysia).

Yashow Clothing Market building had 4 storey which is2 storey below are selling cloths/wears & 2 storey above are selling electronic/gadget devices. Here, all stuff are not original (brands of cloth /gadget/electronic devices ) but cheap. Yashow Clothing Market located at Sanlitun Bar Street, District of Chaoyang, Beijing. For women who like to buy branded handbag but cheap aka NoT OrIgInAl, here got so many brand like Prada, Gucci, Calvin Klein & many more. For gadget maniac, here you can get “iPhone”, “Blackberry”, “iPad” & many more clone gadget. Eventough it quality is not the same as original stuffs but it cheap. If you want to buy clone gadget which are cheap but the best, I recommend you to get clone iPad because most clone iPad here had operation system (OS) Android. Not bad, isn’t it? B-).

After finished shopping at Yashow Clothing Market for a long hours (Losing money so fast, hahaha…. X-D), We rest our wallet for a while & went to the next muslim halal restaurant for lunch & later on we did solat Zohor at Nan Dou Ya Mosque.

After that, we continue our journey to the next shopping destination. We move on to Silk Street Pearl Market. Not like Yashow Clothing Market, the mall here more focusing on selling gadgets/electronic stuffs which been maniac by youths (like me, hahaha… X-D). Eventough most of the gadgets/electronic stuff here were clone but there are also original gadgets/electronic stuffs here selling a little bit cheap than Malaysia. There are iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, PSP & many more. There are also toys selling here like remote control helicopters, Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels & many more. There are also culture section in the mall here like Chinese caligraph, ‘Wong Fei Hung hat’, China Opera mask & many more. I went out from the mall, I started thinking “Why this mall name, Silk Street Pearl Market? KWhy? It name didn’t fit with the stuffs that been selling in the mall.” B-).

After finished shopping for a long hour, it time for dinner at the next muslim halal restaurant & later on went back to the hotel. When we reached at the hotel, many of us took a great advantage to walked around neigbourhood to not far from the hotel area to enjoy the great nightview of Beijing & also colourful fireworks in the sky of Beijing. After an hour walked, we went back to the hotel & there are several among us playing fireworks outside hotel building to make Chinese New Year celebration more gala.

After we finished playing with fireworks, we went up to our room & prepare to sleep. Wan An! (Good Night!).

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