04/02/2011, Friday….. Day 6 Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

04/02/2011, Friday….. Day 6 Beijing–Tianjin Tours.

Last day in Beijing. I repeat, in BEIJING ya ! Not in China because later in the evening we will move on to Tianjin to visit several interesting place there. Eventough we move on to Tianjin later this evening but we had already packed up our backbags & luggages to put in to the bus trunk because we will check–out from Chang Feng Hotel that morning & will stay at Tianjin hotel at this night.

Our first destination on that day were Beijing Jade Center. This place is not far from Bird Nest Stadium & Water Cube Stadium because you can see both stadium clearly from this place. When we went to the main entrance of Beijing Jade Center, there are China kite seller flying his kites into the air easily by throw the kites without need to run for a while to flying the kites. B-). Like other previous place that we had visited, this place also gave us short brief & special offer to buy jade that available there. We had been given each of us a free small piece of jade as a souvenir, either we buy or not at that jade center.

Finished shopping at Beijing Jade Center, we move on to Dellmann factory, a kitchen appliance company which specific to sharp items like knives & blender. In short brief session about that company, each of us in the trip group (even not buy any product from there) will get souvenir from that company which is a small knive that suitable to cut small fruit like potato, tomato & many more.

Our next destination was Beijing Hard Rock Café. There, we took a lots of pictures with various of pose. We don’t buy t–shirts, pants & other merchandise which sell there because it too expensive & furthermore we had less money now because too many place we had shopping. B-P.

After took many pictures with various of pose at Beijing Hard Rock Café, we move on to the next muslim halal restaurant for lunch & later on did solat Zohor at Niujie Mosque. After that, we took advantage to walked for a while in Niujie Neibourhood area. For your information, Niujie were the biggest Muslim majority area in Beijing. Here were most living people of Hui ethnic in Beijing.

We went in to Niujie Muslim Supermarket which located not so far from Niujie Mosque. Here, got many stuffs & goods which is specified for muslim consumer in Niujie & the foods also halal & no doubts. After half an hour in the supermart building, I decided to went out from that building & went up to the bus. Other people in our group not yet went out from Niujie Muslim Supermarket to buy foods & others stuffs which available in that supermart.

While waiting for others to went out from that supermart, me, Maggie Ma & my father have a little chat outside of the bus. After an hour we’ve a little chat, they finally went out from the bus & aboard the bus. We move on to Tianjin. Zai Jian (farewell) Beijing & Ni Hao (hello) Tianjin! B-).

As usual, our journey from Beijing city to Tianjin city took about 2 hours & during that time, me & my several friends/relatives enjoy the beautiful view of China. There are several of us took this opportunity to sleep during the journey. They might be exhausted. B-).

By the time we reached Tianjin city, it already night. We stop by at a muslim halal restaurant which located in Tianjin city center for dinner. Finished our dinner, we move on to the hotel which we will stay for a night at Tianjin city center area, Jin Ma Hotel. During our journey in the bus to the hotel, there are also colourful fireworks on the sky of Tianjin.

We reached at the hotel, we check–in for one night only because by tomorrow we had to pack & return to Malaysia. After we get get our room key, we went up to our room & prepare to sleep. Wan an! (good night!). B-).

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